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With mobile internet use now for exceeding desktop, progamatic business are adopting mobile-first approach to digital. The world has gone mobile, so making ab business app the centre piece of your business strategy just makes sense. lets apply our proven formula for business success of your app project

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How do I get a quote from Printunited?
The first step is a no-obligation chat or discovery call with one of our strategy team. In this conversation we determine if your project is achievable within your budget and if it is a good fit for DreamWalk. If so, we then move into the app strategy and prototyping phase. This begins with an App Strategy Workshop where we help you fine-tune your concept and roadmap the project. Only by deep-diving into the specific details of the app are we able to estimate the app development cost.
How long does it take to develop an app?
This also depends on the app. A simple app might take 4-6 weeks, while a complex game might take years. On average, most of the apps we develop take between 10 and 20 weeks.
Why do I need an "ethical" app developer?
At just 10 years old, it’s a relatively new industry and one that has seen rapid growth in recent times. The high demand for app development services has attracted many inexperienced opportunists who are more concerned about making a quick buck than they are about developing great products for their clients. A number of Australian app development companies, even some of the biggest ones, actually do very little app development themselves and instead ship the work offshore to third-parties. At Printunited, we get calls daily from people who have invested thousands of dollars with these companies and have had terrible experiences. Their issues range from not hearing back from the developer after they’ve paid a deposit to receiving poorly written code or apps that simply don’t function at all. Many experience project delays of months or even years and in many cases pushy sales staff, overly keen to send invoices and less concerned about actually delivering a product.

Is your business mobile yet? Your customers are

Millennials Spend 3 hours per day using mobile apps, on average.

Apps VS Mobile Web 89% of user’s mobile device time is spent in apps, compared to 11% in web browsers.

Customer Loyalty 66% of businesses without apps saw a decrease in customer loyalty (2017).

Push Notifications Promotions using push notifications result in 9X better conversion than those that don’t.